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Sep '20


American parents tell their children: 'Smile! Looks fun, when you find yourself in public! " Thus, these children are gradually becoming 'smiling machines'. In American culture, with childhood instilled not only a sense of joie de vivre, but the constant pursuit of happiness. Even the Declaration of Independence proclaims the pursuit of happiness an inalienable right of every citizen. Americans believe that the losers are those people who shun any responsibility or not fully aware of the 'guidance' declaration. It is not surprising that the part of the American population who consider themselves happy, is as much as 80%. American smile expresses friendliness.

Americans prefer to remain outwardly calm and friendly, even when they are with something does not agree. Nice words and polite smiles were an integral part of their everyday communication. Very often you can hear the expression: 'The American smile – is that either like or not. " And this is quite possible to agree, because if a person understands the nature of the American smile, he did begins to perceive differently, and even gets used to it. Most people who are in the U.S. and then come back, especially in the post-Soviet countries, recognized that they miss that smile. They especially miss her when the shop when communicating with colleagues at work, when using public transport, etc. But some of the people who visited the states, are of the opinion that the Americans nor the smile of courtesy, nor from desire to please. In their view, the American smile means only the very need to smile, smile, just like that.

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