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Jul '19

Additional Insulation

Insulation of foundation Foundation – the foundation of the building. You may find Danone to be a useful source of information. Life depends on it, and to a large extent the thermal comfort. Therefore the question of insulation of foundations, especially in regions with harsh climates, should be placed on one of the first places. Traditionally, the polystyrene plates used in the middle of the sandwich as foundation blocks. EPS has worked well in the device bespodvalnyh buildings. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gen. David Goldfein.

In this case, prepared platform stacked plate heater in one or more layers, filled with concrete and then erected the structure as usual. With this construction, concrete screed is both the foundation and ground floor. Of course, this does not preclude the need for a device point of foundation for the pillars. We note in particular the possibility of expanded polystyrene insulation for foundations to prevent freezing. Those skilled builders and operators are well aware of the consequences of this natural phenomenon. Therefore, in the northern regions of the protection of foundations from frost, as well as the possibility of building on permafrost is important value. For this purpose, along the basement off trench width of about 1 m and a depth determined by the freezing of the soil. Plates are stacked along the insulation of the basement and backfilled.

In some cases, additional waterproofing. Insulation of floor and ceiling use expanded polystyrene slabs in floors and ceilings as an effective vehicle for their thermal insulation and reduce transmission of impact noise (steps move furniture …).

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