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Jul '15

A Guide To Rio De Janeiro Travel

Rio de Janeiro, famous worldwide for its spectacular natural scenery, is a city of more than 400 years of history. What was the capital of the Portuguese empire during the Napoleonic invasion, Rio was the first capital city after independence until the construction of Brasilia in 1960. Is why it remains one of the most important centers in Brazil culturally and economically – often marking the fashions that define the image of Brazil in the rest of mundo.Con diverse and cosmopolitan atmosphere, the scenery and sights of Rio takes time – The Portuguese traveler, can be a good idea to hire a specialized guide to take the city in style. If you have no where to stay, there are a high quality that are part of the city and offer a memorable tourist experience. As for art, Rio has a high number of internationally coveted collections of museums including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art and the Sao Bento Monastery, showing the amazing Brazilian Arta Sacra. An amazing aspect of the experience in Rio is the mood of the city and its inhabitants. The Carioca cultivate a life energy that can only be perceived when one is in direct contact with people.

It is better to take the time to stroll the streets and mingle with local people in bars, on beaches and numerous parks. The Carioca are open and curious and would be happy to talk about their lives. Another interesting place is Petropolis, a town in the mountains 50km from Rio, where Emperor Pedro II built his summer palace. In the middle of the park Serra dos Orgaor, Petropolis is still a destination for Cariocas and tourists on weekends. There are many hostels where you can sleep or just lunch or dinner in their amazing facilities and gardens. The coast is the colonial town Paraty, a Puerto del XVII century, used to export gold from Minas Gerais, general mine. This beautiful village is located on the coast of Angra dos Reis, is the starting point for unforgettable boat trips to many green islands located off the coast. The history and nature live there in a harmonious blend.

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