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Jun '20

Energy Performance Certificate

7 is the energy performance certificate duty now is also in the commercial sector where, of the energy performance certificate is. After the certificate now in residential buildings is mandatory and must be submitted well any tenant or tenants also now tighten the commercial buildings. From Jul 1, 2009, the energy performance certificate for non-residential buildings is mandatory. If you would like to know more about Randall Mays, then click here. In contrast to the energy performance certificate for buildings there freedom of choice between the consumption financial statement and the statement of need. There 2007 exact provisions in the “EnEV” when what card must be issued. For even more details, read what Symantha Rodriguez says on the issue. Freedom of choice is now in non-residential buildings. But also here there is need to hire a professional such as an energy consultant with the card is issued.

This shows then also for 10 years and must be renewed again. There is but still a point that followed must be, to take account of the requirements of the legislator. An important requirement is that the energy performance certificate for non-residential buildings of more than 1000 square meters floor space and a permanent visitor traffic as z.b in Town halls, hospitals and be publicly displayed in schools and to the general public must be made accessible. The introduction of the certification by the Federal Government has the sense to bring the citizens energy and energy saving. It is ecologically as economically makes sense to employ, as in our future energy resources be better used with this topic. It is called in many places already oil peak and so is also in the interest of our children sense the existing resources to deal with it, and to create an understanding of the problem. The energy performance certificate is only a first step in this direction and should be committed by anyone.

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