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Jul '13

The Other

I am referring to the possibility that you could use to intervene in your internal conversations in order to choose / create new mental schemes that you open pathways to new possibilities. Today I challenge you to that, instead of splitting of that statement I am thus, use a new declaration that will allow you to create reality as follows: Yo ESTOY remain so. Can you tell the difference between one and another? Fijate the chain of automatic thoughts that become this new declaration: I am being so. Since I’m being so, I can see what I’m doing things that made me be the person I am being. I wonder what I’m doing supports me and helps me in my goals and the results that I want to achieve? If I am doing does not support me or help me, I take conscience that I can choose new looks and actions to be undertaken. I declare that if I change the current beliefs and my actions, I can have new and better results. What would he be doing that support me and help me to achieve my goals? I get a list of actions that take me to my goals. I undertake new actions.

Results? My reality changes, I get new results! Do you realize the difference in power between the position that leaves you the first statement and the other? While there are certain aspects inherent in our being as for example: be female or male, have many years of age, the name of the country in which we live, the mother who we played, etc. which we can’t change (the facticity of life), I am convinced that there are things in our be being that Yes we can improve, change, mutatereplace and here is where lies your Personal power. So that you understand a little better, I’ll give an example a reader wrote to me the other day commenting on me having problems to relate in his work and in his personal life since she is shy (she notes the problem in this manner; assumes that is shy and that it can not change it, because it is his way of being).

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