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Oct '14

The Method Of Vacuum Molding Technology And Application

Vacuum forming thermoplastic sheet is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising. Vacuum forming is used in the production of promostoek, registration of places of sales, sales equipment, production volume elements of signage, custom products, etc. The method of vacuum forming (positive and negative methods) is based on reaching a temperature at which the thermoplastic polymer becomes softening state, viscosity, and the action of atmospheric pressure between the sheet and thus form a vacuum (about 100 mm. Hg. Art. or 10 kN / sq.m.) termomlastika sheet is drawn into the matrix of the press getting the necessary forms. This vacuum forming method differs from other methods of economic and technical efficiency. Creating a low specific pressure can be achieved by conventional mechanical pump.

There are over 1,000 brands termopolimerov, the scope of which is very extensive, we are confronted with them on almost 'every step': – packaging (food containers, boxes for the CD, cases) – computers (keyboard shortcuts) – LIGHTING (ceiling) – medical products (syringes) – Children's toys and much more. In the advertising field in vacuum forming are primarily used general purpose polystyrene to a thickness of 2mm. Polystyrene has high strength, low weight, low moisture absorption, has dielectric properties. Range of-50C – + 70C. Transparent grades has transmittance of 80-90%. Tolerates alkaline effects of alcohols, easily glued dichloroethane. Unstable UV – radiation (UV resistant to only a few brands with special additives), solvents. In the Russian market is currently represented by some brand manufacturers termopolimerov: – PSM (Salavat) – MSS (Nizhnekamskneftekhim) – MSS (Omsk Chemical Company) – GPPS (LG Chemicals) – Polystrol (BASF) – Starex (Chejl Industries) – Styron (Dow)

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