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Feb '10


The company is getting Zo Tech gold thanks to Zo Chip implant that records a person’s entire life. Just at the moment of birth the chip is implanted in the brain of children and so his life is recorded forever. When you die, all the material of your life is assembled and ed in what is called “Rememoria” and during the funeral, is projected in film. The more privileged classes see it as a toy but for many, the memories should be temporary and the chip is changing human relationships. The best “or” of the business is Alan Hackman (Robin Williams), a man cold and closed in itself, it does ensure the acquittal of the most corrupt clients. Alan sees himself as a “sin eater” because through your work, you can forgive the sins of the dead. And that way, forgive yourself.But one day, doing the “Rememoria” one of the top executives of the company Zo Tech, discovers in his own image memories of his childhood that has been tormenting him throughout his life. Determined to find out what connection there, Alan begins an intensive search. The director Omar Na m appears as guest in a bar by two seconds when Hakman entered to buy a gun.

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