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Feb '10

Social liberalism, economic and political

It is clear that the deterioration Western institutions face today in the name precisely of democracy. Never as now have the most capacity-technical, bureaucratic, administrative and ideological man-to impose higher duties and obligations, and all are appealing to democracy. It is disgusting to see how today, with the triumph of democratic discourse, our freedoms are cracked. Currently, any democratic legitimacy, even the most despicable is done in the name of democracy. Execution of Torrijos and his companions in Malaga in 1831. This group of liberal Spanish tried unsuccessfully to end the absolutist policy of Ferdinand VII. oleo Antonio Gisbert Perez (1834-1901).
Social liberalism advocates no intrusion of the state or the collective behavior of private citizens and their social relations, with full freedom of expression and religion, as well as different types of consensual relationships, moral, and so on.
This will allow no meddling legalization of drug use, freedom of passage, not the regulation of marriage by the state (ie, this would be reduced to a simple contract like any other, can therefore be employed by any dating), liberalizing the classroom.
Of course, there are many in the liberal currents advocating more or less different proposals.
Economic liberalism defends no intrusion of the state in the relationships between citizens, promoting tax cuts to a minimum and eliminating all regulations on trade, production, etc. Non-intervention by the state ensures the equality of all individuals, allowing the establishment of a framework of perfect competition, without restrictions or manipulations of various types. This means to neutralize any public benefit, such as tariffs, subsidies, etc..
Political liberalism inspired the organization of the rule of law within the framework of liberal democracy during the nineteenth century, existing in much of nation-states today. Its main elements are the power of the general will of citizens and government power and the election of their representatives in a free and sovereign. The rule of law as a legal and institutional framework protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals.

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