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Dec '18

Rotate Cars

Principles of machines just before how to change the situation should be to disperse a bike, and then reduce the pressure on the pedals and shift lever, increase pressure on the pedals can then when the chain engages the star for at least three quarters, switching should be done, by moving the chain to the next star, it is impossible to maneuver machine at a time when the pedals spinning backwards. adjusting the front machines (slips) Adjustment of the front cars recommended an authorized repair shop, but if you want to do it yourself, proceed as follows: set clipper properly on the frame, ie circuit should be installed evenly on the star and is on a 1-W mm. over the biggest star. Click Secretary of Agriculture for additional related pages. Putting the chain on the smallest sprocket bent the cable and tighten the bolts to clamp. Changing position, fix extremes of the front cars regulating screws. When properly installed, the front machine should smoothly move the chain from the smallest to the largest sprocket and vice versa. To adjust the extreme positions back of cars are two adjustment screws on the switch housing. With a weak chain tension, the chain will fall to the extreme of teeth, and when too much tension the chain, the chain in contact with extreme teeth will hang out.

Adjustment of the rear cars better make an authorized repair shop. However, if you want to make their own egos, proceed as follows: Rotate the pedals forward, changing all of the machine. Move the chain on the smallest sprocket. Loosen the adjusting bolt rope machine, greatly tighten the cable and tighten the bolt. Slightly loosen the adjustment bolt length rope chain to pull even more rope. With the help of a lever, move the chain onto the next star.

The chain should go silent. If necessary, gently adjust the switch by a bolt that regulates the chain length. Warning: Changing of the front and rear cars should be achieved only during torsion pedals. Clippers do not have time to work in extreme positions, because This leads to increased noise of the devices, as well as rapid failure of Exalt, switches and drive sprockets. Warning: Index switches are equipped with special cables – which are pre-stabilized. Caution: Operation of a bicycle with no adjusted switches may lead to a complete breakdown of the elements of machines.

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