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Jan '15


“Quality assurance for purchasing and processing foreign parts the zero-error strategy” as the target of the quality assurance requires special concepts when purchasing and direct processing of purchased add foreign parts in industrial production processes. Short said a goods filter something like a firewall “for purchased add parts for an industrial manufacturing company represents. The installation of a goods filter through a special service companies ensures that maintained a certain defined quality of purchased parts and can get no components in the production process, which do not meet the requirements. An upstream filter of goods may be practiced as long until a defined quality level is reached and also continuously maintained. New suppliers and parts recorded in a production process, offered such an approach and called for including many automakers specifically by their suppliers. Even then, if in advance through the filter of unsuitable or defective parts have been singled out, is ensured that supplies of the needed parts in the needed quantity and speed. Production delays and bottlenecks are excluded.

So also prevent costly failure in the end producers and possible recourse claims by the manufacturer of the purchased parts. The REWOTEC group in Emden as a contracting specialist in the field of engineering for quality management has developed a particular expertise here since 2004 and continuously expanded their opportunities. Through direct presence (resident engineering) and contacts at the major industrial sites of the automobile manufacturers and other key industries in Germany and in other European countries is the competent partner for many suppliers. The concept is as follows. Order by part producer to REWOTEC requesting the parts input of components in the firewall test the components in the Prufbereich of REWOTEC output of certified parts and shipping is at the customer the Prufunternehmen doing in constant contact with the logistics of the customers work (OEM). Delivery quantities and daily requirement must must be tuned and coordinated, so that the supply is secured, even if parts in the examination are singled out. The inspection company assumes the responsibility for the smooth running. When collecting goods entrance in the laboratory, in addition to nomenclature, many more data in special computer programs stored suppliers numbers, delivery note number, parcel number and quantity and prepares for further evaluation.

So, both the supplier and the customer constantly about the current status can be informed and if necessary retrieve all evaluations. Also samples at will at times can give information quality of the respective State. An error, it turns out in the examination can be refinished directly at the testing company, to return the part in the production process. Completely faulty parts go to a lock stock and to uselessness to the manufacturer returned or scrapped. Doing everything according to a certified procedure is documented (Web-based documentation system). A high professional competence is required for the service of goods filter”. The required documentation and evaluations require a powerful computer system evaluation programs. And not forgetting the necessary before local presence”, to purchase parts of the manufacturing industry company almost at the production site in secure quality in the production line to incorporate. The principal, so the producer of the delivered parts covers the costs for this service. For this, he receives a guarantee that it through its parts no problems at production and that there are no interruptions and regresses this right. The goods filter is a valuable safeguard for him. Frank Deiters

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