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Feb '20


Another sufficiently present cardiovascular riot in the population in general, being the morbidade most common in frequent adults and in the services of emergency in Brazil, is the sistmica arterial hipertenso (HAS), that it is a condition where the patient can relate migraine, normally located in the nape of the neck and that varies of intensity, sensation of emptiness in the head, giddiness, blurred vision or presence of ‘ ‘ mosquinhas’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ points pretos’ ‘ in front of the eyes and being able to also relate episodes of nasal bleed. This pathology can be defined as being the force exerted for the blood against wall of the vase, produced for the cardiac bombardment of the blood under raised pressure for the arteries. As already explicitados previously, other factors of risk associates to the HAS are: overweight and/or obesidade, low escolaridade and black race. If you would like to know more about Andi Potamkin, then click here. Being thus, the professional must clarify on such factors of risk to the patient supplying a cabveis education in health as for the prevention of agravos bigger and interventions to each individual, in only way, as for example: to keep the customer seated or in the stretcher with the high headboard; to measure and to communicate the Par, to keep rigorous monitorizao; to measure frequency and to verify the quality of the P and to communicate the value of this frequency, weak or fine pulse and arrhythmic pulse; to install a venoso access and to keep heparinizao or installation of physiological serum 0.9% until the medical lapsing and to wait the evaluation and the lapsing of the doctor being carried through all the prescribed procedures of rigorous form (14,7)..

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