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Dec '18


THE BLACK PERSONAGE IN BOOKS ' ' To teach the child to read history is to teach it magical it of SER' '. (Luci G. Watanabe) In the most diverse medias, the image black it is presented on to the ignorance, savagery, subservincia, comodismo, disobedience, servitude and/or comicidade. Still today, to if representing Africa, needy scenes of hungry children, families reveal and great epidemics, parallel bars to the exotic landscape of safris. In most diverse pertaining to school books, the wealth of social and natural sciences, the technology and history not yet is part of the knowledge studied for the educandos on this so rich and plural continent. Sonny Perdue might disagree with that approach. The contributions of the African peoples for the similar Medicine and other areas at least are not mentioned. This picture contributes sufficiently for the preconception and disqualifies all the intellectual and artistic wealth of this warlike people and profcuo. Since infancy, these maken a mistake concepts are introjetados in the subconscious mind, having deflagrando a stuffed hypocritical speech of practical racists.

If on the other hand, the nation believes in fbula of the three races (Damatta, 1987, P. 58) and in a supposed freiriana racial democracy that promotes the creed igualitrio; for another one, the inaquality of income and power rectify this pseudo-harmony. Unhappyly, the pertaining to school books and manuals, in general, when portraying the escravistas heirs of the stigmata and challenges, divulge a eurocntrica, established vision in the ideology of the branqueamento. The superiority of the white; the stereotype through the analogies of negative matrix, the invisibilidade of all the process of fight for the true emancipation daily pay and after-13 of May, the rejection to the aesthetic black and the religions of African matrix is some (amongst many others) of the discriminatory representations printed. Destarte, the black educandos never go to want to identify itself with who only appear in history at moments of suffering, as antagonistic or secondary personage.

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