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Nov '13

Plastic and Wooden Windows

Do not stop the rivalry between a plastic and wooden windows. Traditionally, the construction of houses to build window frames use wood, be it wood windows for cottages or flats in the heart of the metropolis. But in Recently, this natural material was replaced by cheaper, but not aesthetic plastic. In plastic boxes (PVC profile with a metal frame inside) is, in fact, only one major trump card: price. PVC windows choosing to remember the main pitfalls: The strength and permanence the geometric dimensions of the windows of PVC depends on the metal profile inside and outside the plastic itself. Decent plastic window can not be cheaper rub./m2 4200.

All that is cheaper – saving for your account. And the savings will or as a metal internal frame (we saw how the 'flow' rust forgery – ugly sight) or on plastic profile, which in 3-4 years may turn yellow, warp or crack (yes, the plastic cracks, too.) Plastic window in the ticket office looks quite different, both in the apartment. Try to call for help all his imagination and present: a digest Is your interior dry faceless plastic boxes? Not a single PVC firm you do not hear about the significant deficiencies of plastic windows. If even ask – or call zamnetsya get your questions evasive answers. PVC windows are not able to maintain optimal indoor humidity conditions, they create a greenhouse effect. In order to accommodate the PVC window to temperature fluctuations Russian climate (-30 C / +30 C) to increase the number of chambers inside the profile, the profile itself to thicken and enhance the sealing system. All this makes the windows more cumbersome. Completely safe for plastics additives not yet. Leading firms to substitute lead, cadmium, and cadmium on zinc, and cadmium and zinc is not as harmless as approved. Plastic neremontiruem – scratches and damage on him incorrigible.

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