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Nov '09

Notice to mariners: Anyone who wants good health care, to recruit good insurance

The other day, Mr. a nationwide provider of health insurance, objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Almunia, supposed friend weight loss of our inept president Zapatero (as bad as the head of the opposition), we warned benefits that Spain, for noses, and would reduce medical spending on health and pensions (of course) because this situation is INSOSTENIBL E. But do not want to give the Tabarra on the theme that he has no financial plantificacion earmarked for retirement, I feel sorry for him insurance / her, but it will make fried eggs with saliva from 65 years. Arises, dental however, is hospital another front that gives public health. Reduce spending on health means plants closed hospitals, staff to a minimum, less medicine, less doctors, etc.., Etc., .,… Etc. That does not mean that when we are about to die but not listen to us department … what way we will attend and that means’ if vitamins you want good medical care … be scratching his pocket and hiring good insurance doctor (I recommend AXA HEALTH, of course). But natural the medical box. If I get bad but really bad and I have a family to support, I go to the best doctor, pay me nutrition anything and I returned to 90 of the amount paid. That is health insurance. Medical insurance with REEMBOLSODEGASTO S. Whoever can not afford it, then think center how to earn more money. I have some options. Finally, something fun ….

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