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Apr '14

Nikotinschock Patches

Here are answered all questions to the Niktotinpflaster nicotine patches and other products to quit can facilitate the exit for nicotine addicts. However, they require a high degree of discipline: who is itself about nicotine patches or other means that brings them to poison, not alongside smoke, as it may result in poisoning. Nausea, sweats, or good luck by the consumption of a smoke during the patch application, the nicotine patch must be taped, or even an attack of the heart may be the cause! A strong desire to quit is needed for this form of therapy. The functioning of the nicotine patch nicotine patch are specially prepared, containing nicotine, and there are over sixteen hours, regularly. Contained nicotine is streamed out uniformly and in minimum charges into the body through the skin. This slow ingestion of poison works according to scientific findings, less addictive than the fierce Nikotinschock through the smoke. The nicotine patch is on stuck on clean, dry skin on the leg or on the torso. A new should be used after twenty-four hours.

This time a new job should be selected to apply, because the skin or irritated reacted and suddenly emits large amounts of nicotine. The different doses of nicotine patch patches are different doses. Individuals who had smoked heavily, can get started with the highest dose. These patches release nicotine into the blood within a twenty-one day milligrams. The amount of nicotine replacement therapy is delivered, must be at least seven days and be used for not more than six weeks. Who is in the faith, to be able to endure less should skip to the next-lower dose.

14 Milligrams are daily. That’s fine too, the person should the nicotine patch with 7 milligrams daily access to take it then even without plaster in attack. There are good alternatives to the nicotine patch? Who has smoked less, you can use also chewing gum instead of plaster. If the desire to smoke tilting becomes strong, instead chewed gum and the nicotine reaches the brain through the mucous membrane of the mouth super fast. Nicotine lozenges, nicotine inhalers work similar to but also suitable for people who have smoked heavily. For very stronger smoking, there is also the nasal spray, but it is available by prescription, because this is very high doses. All of these tools must be stored in any case, away from the vicinity of minors.

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