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Dec '16

New Interest By Genealogy

The genealogy is somewhat relegated and with little attention in our times but formerly, in the Feudal period, and throughout the middle ages, these topics were of great importance, not only to the noble classes but also for popular classes or bonded. It was important to have a record of the lineage to the noble class and its ramifications since the rules for inheriting properties and fortunes, even whole territories as countries or principalities were very strict and respected, slightly breaking any of these inherited rules ran the risk of disagreements and uprisings, or subversion of the same members of the family to try to claim what rightfully belonged to them, this meant entering conflicts where was the popular class or servitude that had to answer the call of their Lords and enter combat to defend the honour and the will of his Lord in this way also the class in servitude had great interest of the rules of succession of powers met for maintain a relative state of peace. It is middle and late middle ages when the genealogy also begins to be of interest to the popular class that starts taking a record of their lineages even if it is only incipient way and within only a few generations, these records are interrupted inter alia by migration between regions and conflicts in Europe that prevent a proper civil data register. Nowadays, with migration levels and advances in technology and communications genealogy has begun to reassess it and presents a renewed interest in citizens of all Europe and America primarily to learn more of their ancestors, and the roots of his lineage, to perceive a sense of nostalgia for the land that their ancestors came from and which had to leave for various reasons mainly conflicts militare and lack of economic opportunities. Thanks to tools like the internet and the more effective management of large databases of civil files it is possible to dig up stories of the past to know to our ancestors and a bit of his life.

Despite all these advances in technology that allow us to learn more about our ancestors is through direct communication with the older members of our family that we can begin to unravel the shape of our tree family, listening to their stories and histories. Analysis of family documents, photographs and leaning of religious centres like churches and also in government departments which can store important data such as birth, death, marriage and other records. A tool more and based on new technologies are various web sites that offer research and genealogical studies, for prices ranging broadly depending on the extent of the research carried out and the number of generations of the lineage that is intended to meet these spaces on the internet have the advantage of having large governmental databasesReligious institutions, or in the possibility of accessing these data more quickly and efficiently of the one person in particular could wait for the lack of experience in the area. This makes these institutions based on internet in a great tool to form our family tree. Original author and source of the article.

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