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Nov '13


The sign of Pisces (water element) meditations corresponds to the twelfth house of the zodiac how to meditate is, symbolizes the last door, which leads to a higher level and mistico. Its symbolism characteristic-two fish healing meditation swimming in the opposite direction it has set up an aura of spirituality channeling that is not so clear in other verses. There are many mythological wisdom spirituality stories which refer to this, the value for their old age wisdom figuration: body the sea, the ‘Greater Protection and crystals spirituality Holy Mother. ” Even heating and Assyrian civilizations yoga did not new thought consume fish because consciousness priests vehemently healing adored the awakening marine a spirituality named compassion fauna. ‘ , El Juicio final seconds Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in new age the Vatican.
La mistica (from the Greek books verb myein “lock”, where Mystik, “closed, arcane or mysterious”) would designate a type of meditation very hard to spiritualism achieve that will reach reiki the maximum crystals degree of union of the human awareness spirituality soul at the Sacred earthly existence. It is found in the monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), and in some policies churches (Hinduism), is also something god in which religions are love philosophies rather like Buddhism, which is identified with mysticism a maximum christianity degree of perfection and knowledge.
According to theology, mystical asceticism differs from that in exercising their human spirit to perfection, like religion a mystical propaedeutic for by metaphysical spirituality two-way or approach, the purging and lighting, alternative spirituality while the mystical, the which only a few can access, add a soul spirtuality perfected by grace or by the exercise clairvoyance ascetic experience of spirituality book direct and momentary union with God, which only achieved kundalinichakras via the unit, through a kind of experience prayer called visions or mystical soul healing ecstasy of pleasure and knowledge ineffable and indescribable.
Mysticism is usually associated with holiness, and in the case of Christianity it is accompanied by physical manifestations called supernatural miracles, such as stigma and meditate discussed bilocation of parapsychological phenomena and extrasensory perception, among others. By extension, also means soul the mystical body of awakening spirituality literary works written about this kind of spiritual experience in any of the religions that have writing.
Mysticism, common to the spirituality in business three great monotheistic religions, but not restricted to metaphysical them astrology (there was also a guided meditation pagan mystic, for example), seeks to bridge this chasm that separates man from God to christ reunite and end free meditation the alienation spirituality information that produces a reality seen unjust, to bring in worship Christian terms the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The mechanisms are varied: either by psychic a meditative and active struggle against the ego (Buddhism) chakra or nafs as in the case of Muslim Sufism, through inner peace prayer and asceticism in the Christian case, or through the use of the full the most widespread of Judaism..

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