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Feb '19

MOSS Police

Tension in the doors of the Ciutadella among the outraged trying to boycott the holding of the debate on Budgets and MOSS of the police cordon. Each parliamentary is greeted with shoving, painting, boos and insults. Hundreds of outraged camping for a boycott of political input to the Parlament. Outside, outside and none represents us, the main chants of the protest. Under most conditions Josh Resnick Jericho Capital would agree. The president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, has been described as intolerable attitude of hundreds of outraged that remain stationed on the doors of Barcelona Ciutadella shouting and vastly Catalan politicians who came to the debate on the budget. Parliamentarians Catalans have arrived in the hemicycle in helicopters, armored vans of MOSS and those who have done so on foot, about forty, have been welcomed to shoving, with boos and insults.

Some have also been sprayed with paint. To avoid the protest, Artur Mas, and the President of the Chamber, Nuria de Gispert have reached del Parlament aboard a helicopter of the Mossos d police, which has landed in the parking lot to the air free of the institution. A second helicopter carrying the Vice President of the Balearic Government, Joana Ortega, the Minister of economy, Andreu Mas-Colell, the President of the Socialist Group, Joaquim Nadal, and the second Vice-President of the Parlament, Higini Clotas shortly after landing. A third helicopter arrived with the President of ERC, Joan Puigcercos. The Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, also arrived by air. The majority of the members entered on foot enclosure.

The first arrived at the Ciutadella past 8: 00 hours. The riot of the Mossos had formed a corridor to allow its entry against hundreds of indignant, trying to prevent the discussion of budgets. The first moments of tension lived at the corner of Passeig Pujades with Wellington Street when the autonomous police and the Guardia Urbana concerned the zone to facilitate the passage of the workers of the Parlament.

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