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Nov '09

Montevideo.Procesos Old City of transformation into a harbor district (Michal Trier)

recycle and build in Old Town A linear park on the Rambla August 25, 1825 with benches, trees and overlooking the harbor, the new Plaza del Carnival and the recycling of the building opposite the Mercado del Puerto by Piedras Street, are among the attractions will be in the historic area of the capital. Traveled. The Mayor Ricardo Ehrlich toured the works carried out in the Old City. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee The commercial business loans mayor of Montevideo, Ricardo Ehrlich toured with municipal authorities for works which are being carried out by the Old Town. Investments bet to “prioritize the area” and “stimulate the recovery of buildings of the place, Ehrlich explained. This task carries out the capital city and at the same time seeks to encourage private sector investment. Daniel Esposito, director of the Public Spaces and Buildings Division of the Municipality of Montevideo (IMM), explained that since the 50s to sba loan the mid-nineties, the national census determined that in the Old City “in 10 years was lost financing by 20 of the population. Reality began to change from the incentive of building and restoration of housing cooperatives through mutual aid. Rambla 25 de Agosto From Diagonal Fabini to the pedestrian Rambla Yacare by August 25, 1825 are building an open unsecured loan space. It is a linear park with trees and benches tell outdoors, for the dispersion. For now bears the name of Port Park. This space will have unique view to the port of Montevideo and the port promenade. The construction was funded by the Inspectorate, together with the support of the Junta de Andalucia. Once the work on the avenue create incentives to private sectors was aimed primarily at providing services. The Director of Public Spaces, explained that the square Manuel Herrera y Obes and there is a project for the construction of a restaurant. In addition to private investment, will encourage the recycling of buildings currently dilapidated, mainly through the cooperative mode. Building Jaureguiberry The ancient building is located opposite the Mercado del Puerto, on the street stones, is being recycled and will be ready in a few months. The decision to perform the work was the commercial loan historical value of the Building, which was ousted in mid-nineties, it was in danger of collapse. The private equity investment was three million dollars and the bulk of the money came from proceeds from the quartermaster. In the building there will be 16 homes Jaureguiberry on the ground floor and 6 retail units. So far only use is known to have one of them who will go to Centro Cultural Barradas and will be administered by the Cultural Division of the Administration. The new apartments will be managed by the Cooperative Fecovi giving priority to young couples for their occupation. Plaza del Carnaval Behind the Carnival Museum, in a vacant lot and next to the Mercado del Puerto, a plaza finance will be built to be attached to the museum. The Plaza del Carnaval also part of the project which encourages the use of public space and interaction among neighbors in the area. Old Town The transformation of an urban neighborhood recommend you download for viewing pdf file called ‘Old City of Montevideo.

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