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May '14


call, which already have at a young age under long-lasting pain to suffer. Many of you no longer go to school, withdraw more and more and are ultimately depressed. Only if the pain under control, those affected can attend regularly the school”, says Boris Zernikow (Chief Physician of the German children’s pain Center in dates). Thus, it would be prevented accept pain chronic proportions. Thus the would be conditions for education and future. Otherwise, the pain could last even until adulthood. However, zaidi continues, the supply situation in Germany was insufficient despite the urgency of this issue.

According to the experts, there is still very busy in the German healthcare system in the field of pain therapy. This applies to both children and teenagers as well as adults. “We need a better pain-therapeutic care in Germany”, taking into account stresses Professor Volker Tronnier (the Director of the neurosurgical clinic at the University of Lubeck) the very high number of pain patients. A correct treatment with the use of several combined modules can better help chronically ill patients for pain and avoid unnecessary suffering. Well, half of the patients currently receives painkillers and massages, a third heat treatments or even Mud wraps, such as Susanne Stehr Zaki (Dusseldorf pain therapist) white. This alone does not help but still. The patient must be enabled with gymnastics or relaxation methods. In some cases, also antidepressants and psychotherapy can help.

The sensation that hurts me”is defined as unpleasant sensory and sense experience, which goes hand in hand with actual or potential tissue damage. This sensation is assumed to be complex interactions between biological, psychological and social factors. It is thus a subjective perception which is determined not only by neuronal signals. Rather it is strong a feeling about complex operations will be regulated. In the framework of the held on the 04.06.2013 day of action against the pain, the German children’s pain Center about 60 collected patient stories on his wants to publish homepage is online. “The feedback of former patients of pain station Lighthouse” show that doctors can help those affected. With the stories, we want to motivate other children and adolescents with chronic pain to do something for your pain”, so Boris Zernikow. It will be so curious what is still achieved by the day of action.

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