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Jan '19


Today, for portable radios maximum possible power is 5W. I bought Midland, precisely because he has the power 5W, high-quality ingredients and a good antenna. For let justice go out and look at the actual performance of these radios. I tested them in different situations so you can evaluate their options. My first test I had spent at sea, when fished there in the summer.

My friend dropped anchor near one of the spit, I recorded with GPS coordinates and set sail on his boat. It can be argued that the best conditions for this test, hard to find. There were a few more boats, but I think they did not significantly affect. We found that a confident relationship could hold at a distance of 24km (15 miles), then the quality of communication has been dramatically reduced. Even my professional VHF radio Voyager with a capacity of 5 W showed the results worse, only 19 km (12 miles) under the same conditions. The second test was conducted in a forest in a relatively hilly terrain. These results will have you accordingly if you are a tourist, hunter or other adventurer. In the forest we were about 5 km distance, sometimes in very difficult conditions managed to contact only at 1.5km.

And naturally, we tested these radios in the city along and across. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sonny Perdue. Inside the building, the radio station could communicate through all 20 floors. I also spoke with a friend who was standing in the street and audibility was excellent. In the city center, depending on what place will choose you can talk at a distance of 1.2 – 1.5 km, at the same time, if a little go in the direction of communication can unexpectedly break or come if it was not. I must say that the batteries that I bought the radio, are very long, I've never had a problem with them, for example, when you need urgent contact, and radio does not work anymore. Keep in mind that if the battery was low radio itself to switch to low power because the recommended for casual situations have in stock more AA batteries, who knows suddenly come in handy.

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