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Jan '19

Landscape Design

Here are entertaining – and the Esplanade (the area) Kenkons (Esplanade des Quinconces) affects its size (126 sq m), planted at the site of the old castle Trompet, and located in the western part of the monument Girondins (50 m in height) with allegorical bronze fountain, "Triumph of the Republic" and "Triumph of Concord," and the architectural motifs of the Gothic cathedrals of Saint-Andre (Cathedrale St.Andre) and Saint-Michel (Cathedrale St. Michel) c constructed by a clear line landscape. Special atmosphere of love and surrounded the area of one of the most beautiful theaters in France, Grand Theatre, which emphasize the image located in front of artfully created topiarnymi groups … and quiet today tram "thread" in no way conceals this rapturous image of the city, and its smooth "flow" once again gives all the charm of the city to consider in detail and enjoy the impeccable simplicity, openness and charm. And in your steps echoed in the atmosphere of the streets, alleys, open spaces, will be read expressively only one thing – just a strong desire to come back! And now, creating small and large projects gardens, we are committed to unlimited because of the high standards of environment, formed either by one generation of leading foreign specialists of landscape architecture and design which uniquely combines both style and simplicity, ease, content, idea, inspiring the idea of life delight, perspective, the movement of life in all its manifestations, so – and the happiness of the day! Source: Landscape Design Floritel Cheboksary

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