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Jan '19

Labor Use

Optimal body dimensions provide a loading of materials and rocks, as well as their discharge the slope embankment and into a bunker. Tipping angle, usually equal to 700. The company Caterpillar, began manufacturing these machines in 1985, in classes of trucks carrying capacity of 28 and 38 tons of issues with the modified model involuntary discharge of the material being transported by truck traveling the back wall. This allows you to unload an even layer, as required by the technology of work. The use of exhaust gas engine that is built into the body, can not be transported to freeze the material wall of the body when working under conditions of low temperatures. Considerable attention is paid to all firms create comfortable conditions Labor operator. All models are installed all-metal trucks shumovibroizolirovannye cabin with good, and sometimes a panoramic, review the work front. .

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