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Jan '15


People exist that finds that the places most important of the house are the rooms, others has opinion contrary and thinks that place that more attention deserves is room, but, and how many they think about the kitchen as a space that it deserves to receive more time from form to transform this space into a more qualified place, more pleasant and that it can give to more quality of life a house. One of the forms to obtain to transform a normal kitchen into a prettier kitchen is appealing to the installation of furniture constructed for measure, structural elements that are planned since its phase of construction and installation, in this in case that we pass to have a planned kitchen. In terms of prices of furniture, the furniture for kitchens normally has a similar price, for times can be until cheaper than the furniture of planned kitchens but normally they do not bring I obtain the value in image terms, decoration and of storage that is recognized since to many years to a planned kitchen and its furniture. The furniture that they are manufactured by measure benefit for the fact of all the details to be planned since most influential until the details that almost pass unobserved to the attention of many people. One of the aspects is for example the existing light in the kitchen, normally the kitchens costumam to have light only in the ceiling and even so this is a perfectly normal situation in all the houses many kitchens benefits of the dedicated illumination in special in the furniture of the planned kitchens, where the light is installed next to the place where the person costuma to take care of of foods to make the daily meals, of this form has more direct light on foods, obtains to visualize better what it is to make without strengtheing the sight very. Another one of the aspects in the planned kitchens is for example the place especially created for all the existing utensils in one cooks, the company it has ideas perfectly adapted some solutions thought for the diverse equipment that if can have in the kitchen.

In relation to the household-electric ones it agrees to enhance that if you like to see a kitchen where these equipment is perfectly inserted in the furniture being some of them arranged of form not to be seen. That is gotten through the internal management of the spaces of the furniture that is part of a planned kitchen, the measures of the machine to dry clothes, to wash water clothes, heater, cold storage room, stove micron waves and other equipment are planned of form the one that through its measures can be installed in the interior of each furniture. The final result is always very pleasant, allowing the kitchen to gain an image homogeneous, this image provides that a decorator can remove more value of the work of decoration through the rank of diverse decorative elements. The planned kitchens still obtain another favorable result whenever the height of the proprietor arrives to vender its kitchen, a planned kitchen obtain to surprise more the new purchasers of the house due to the good aspect that this has, obtaining a good impact in the hour to carry through the sales, being helped to convince the news purchasers of the certain choice.

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