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Dec '13

How To Make A Site

I am sure that there is no webmaster, not dreaming of a multifold increase in revenues generated through its website, while beginners saytostroiteli just trying to make the first penny. Since you can earn a site? How to increase the revenues generated from them? There are several ways: some of them effectively depends on the subject site, attendance and positions in search engines. The most profitable and common way is for sale on the site places a link. On the Web is full of complete services, allowing no optimizers and webmasters to easily find each other. One of the most famous – spae.ru.

Register with sape very simple: just insert code sap into your site, to wait for moderation site and all – you can sell links and get rich. The code is installed without a problem, if the site is written in php. If your pages are written in html, then you must change file extensions to php and put into page code sap unchanged. This will only work provided that your host allows you to run scripts php. Sale of options in the sape, ksape, promotekst and similar exchanges of sale options, can bring good money, but only if you work on your website – it spins, causing him to have good performance of ic and pr, which affect the price of seats on the site for selling links.

Selling seats on site to accommodate other people's articles – it's the same thing as selling links: site posted an article containing references in the text. Although this method is less secure with that set. imposing sanctions on the site by search engines, placing a stranger often low-quality content that is not conducive to search promotion of your site. Earnings on Adsense, Yandex Direct, Begun might be a good supplement to your salary, in the presence of high attendance at your site. Begun and Direct impose very strict requirements for participating sites and Adsense allows all but the tough bans and still has problems with the withdrawal of funds – for participants from Russia sent a check by Citibank, which is cashing in our banks so far is pretty outlandish and expensive service. Adsense promises to start using western union and webmoney in Russia are still only promises. Good is the mass of affiliate programs in the vast Runet, allowing them to participate in anyone who may get, and withdraw money anywhere and in any way. Of course, scams here weight. In order not to chop one of them, should read reviews of this affiliate program, find out how long it exists, and how proved itself during this time. Sale of goods on its site – an excellent view of business, but more lucrative is the buying and selling of visitors' traffic. This method will be particularly interesting to persons who are familiar with dorveestroitelstvom. All of the above and omitted in the article ways of generating income is demanding sole prerequisite – Your site must be popular and have good positions in search engines.

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