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Jul '15

Gasoline Engine

The operation of a gasoline engine is a very complex process, since we are talking about a thermodynamic engine consists of a set of parts or fixed and mobile mechanisms, whose primary function is to transform the chemical energy provided by combustion produced by a mixture of air and fuel into energy. In other words, internal combustion is basically a machine that mixes oxygen with the fuel gasified. Once mixed intimately and confined space called a combustion chamber, the gases are ignited to burn (combustion). By design, the engine uses the heat generated by combustion, and energy to produce rotary motion that we know. When such transformation of chemical energy into mechanical you can perform useful work such as for example, moving a motor vehicle as a car or other vehicle or any other mechanism, as it could be a power generator. If you ever compare the parts or mechanisms structurally fundamental form a gasoline engine and a diesel engine, we see that in many respects are similar, while others are completely different, although in both cases their working principle is similar. Thousands of only a click away, meaning through our site you can receive multiple offers from the same engine and whom you choose to buy your convenience, by proximity, by state of the same, etc … you decide, are second hand but with a guarantee. Fill out the form and within minutes you'll be calling you to specify the shipping and payment quickly get second-hand engine you need!. Adeje waste time trying to locate several scrapping! Not go crazy, we have thousands in real stock, revised, in perfect condition and guaranteed.

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