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Sep '14

Evtonaziya Behavior

How to punish an animal Despite the availability of alternative methods for solving the problems of euthanasia of animals for various reasons of health, lulling in connection with the animal's antisocial behavior occurs quite often in practicing veterinarian, and have become common. On the issue of disordered behavior dog or cat, there are two separate issues and discussing them, a veterinarian and canine instructor must answer one important question: than the reason for such behavior of the animal, which causes the owners to resort to the least? In more than half the cases the decision about euthanasia of the animal due to impaired behavior is based on the violation, associated with the image of parenting host of negative conditions in the home, where he lives a dog or cat. It is no secret that dogs and cats are very sensitive, especially to the moral and psychological atmosphere in an environment where they live. Yes, yes it is. Animals can easily absorb, perceive themselves in those patterns and behaviors that they see and feel. This phenomenon is easily confirmed by a sharp change of behavior of dogs after moving to new owners, a living environment which is cleaner and kinder.

Do veterinarians visiting services, including deep sleep, sometimes not raise a hand to lull Staffordshire terrier or pit bull, which, in essence, are not verbal aggressors, at least, to the people. Aggressive makes them only a man and then gets back all the aggressive message, which was once directed at others. Please note that all (or nearly all) cases of accidents cases, the dogs come from broken families (either explicitly or covertly dysfunctional). Abroad for such dogs to test the possibility of living in a new family and the possibility of socialization, and after a clear belief in mental disorders, a dog can be put to sleep. Therefore, if your dog makes you problems in this respect, before chemusyplyat it make whether she is guilty of it. Humane lulling pets Saint Petersburg and LO

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