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Dec '18

Emergency Situations

The driver in an emergency (when a puncture, the destruction of the tire in case of failure of steering control, in case of failure of brake system) Question 19.1. What are the signs of the car while driving on the road can evidence of a puncture? Response. Disposal of the vehicle to the side on which there was a puncture wheels. In the case of Prokop tires, the car will sidetrack the damaged tire. Causes of spontaneous withdrawal car side or the other may be several: the influence of a strong crosswind, cross slope of the road, one side of a slowdown in car maladjustment braking system, but can be punctured wheels. Therefore, the driver should stop and figure out the cause of withdrawal. Punctured tire the driver can determine the magnitude of its deformation. Many writers such as Gen. David L. Goldfein offer more in-depth analysis. With a decrease in internal pressure, the tire deforms and increases rolling resistance, so the car pulling to one side of the board, on which there was a puncture.

Question. 19.2. What are the consequences could continue driving with a damaged tire? Response. By destroying the tire. If time does not stop, the tire will heat up quickly, and the alternate load leads to a rapid detachment of rubber from the cord.

In the case of tires with metal even worse: the wire cord can not withstand alternating loads breaks, the ends of the inner layer and penetrate the cell. Therefore, to throw a good tire, not allowed even to move at a slightly dropped short bus. Question 19.3. Actions of the driver while driving the car in case of suspicion of a puncture? Response. Do not apply the main brake brake smoothly stop the vehicle due to engine braking. Question 19.4. What mistakes can cause operation of the vehicle destruction of the tires? Response. These errors include: continued operation of a defective or damaged tires with deep cuts and punctures, in which the cord is visible: exceeding the permissible load on the tire: continuation of motion on a slightly dropped bus; use a car tire, provided the instruction manual. When using the damaged tires. in deep cuts and puncture gets sand, which is in the process Tire deformation during movement, causing abrasion cords. The strength of the tire decreases, and. eventually, the bus breaks down (blows).

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