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Feb '19

Emergency Regulations In The Company: Retirement Ensures Continuing

The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen informs the holder runs the vast majority of the small and medium-sized enterprises. It turns out unexpectedly, can have the dire consequences. The Oberhausen consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener gives an overview of the necessary regulations, a contractor for the case of a long absence or failure should meet. The head belongs to the central orientation people in the company. He can under waits no longer meet his duties, whose economic survival is at stake, if the succession of competence is not clearly regulated. Various studies show that its failure that must be not even permanent. Focus on the person of the heads of all major powers, its employees no longer get to the company accounts, he fails. (Similarly see: A. F. Chief of Staff ). Without Bank authorization, they are not in the position to make transfers and payments to suppliers, employees will inevitably fail order institutions.

In short: The company is completely independent, of its financial situation, insolvent. Similar negative consequences arise when customer relations alone about the boss. To be clarified issues or submit offers, it will be hard to compete with the competent contact person at the customer contact without the fancy managers. So there are no fatal stumbling blocks from failures and supposed trivia, advises consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener to emergency preparedness. Clear rules to the delegate and the account powers are particularly important.

For a regulated business, but also detailed records and instructions to all business processes, which are the sole responsibility of the leaders, are significant. Important information such as passwords should be protected from loss. Basically, it comes that the entrepreneur will front areas in which it is essential and here creates contingency plans for his company. The regulations and documents should be stored for security reasons at the notary. Banks and reputable investors emphasize structured emergency planning, which reduces their risk. “Should they be included in corporate financing, it must prove accountability and business processes for the case of cases” to hedge. Various aspects are incorporated in a structured emergency control. Ursula Unterberg Wegener is small and medium-sized companies with their years of experience to make all necessary arrangements to the page. Press contact SME consulting Unterberg contact person: Ursula Unterberg Wegener Klosterhardter str. 25 46119 Oberhausen Tel. + 49 (0) 208 6 25 61 45 mobile + 49 (0) 208 6 25 58 59 E-Mail: Homepage:

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