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Dec '13

DVR Company

depending on the scope of a particular company. Therefore, when drawing up job descriptions need to remember that all activities aimed at improving the service should be clear and simple. In As an example, the positive experience of introducing new standards of quality customer service, specialized registrar of the "Registry". This company provides services for corporations to maintain and storage registers of registered securities. The number of open personal accounts – more than a million, the daily number of clients front office in the central administrative building of the "Registry" in the tens Visitors arriving with different instruments and different questions. The first line of customer interaction is a security post in the operating room: how the theater begins with a hanger, so any store, bank or car wash starts communicating with the guard, which is formed from the initial impression about the entire organization. So the company decided to begin implementation of quality standards from that unit. It was introduced just three simple rules that are mandatory for security staff.

1.Initsiativnoe greeting when the guard is not waiting for questions like "where do I go?" Or "I have come to the right place?" Greets the visitor first and helps immediately understand what to do and what to ask a specialist. 2.Ohrannik should use the expression "pass please" and depending on the situation or to show which way to go, or to offer to sit down and wait specialist. Psychologists have always stressed that we must not point a finger or a nod. Pointing gesture to make the whole hand, fingers, palms should be pressed together and palm facing up. 3.Pri customer care, it is necessary to first say "Goodbye." This is the minimal set of simple rules are not difficult to perform and that will help visitors to quickly adapt to the new location.

In addition, once increases the rate of passage through the security post, and newcomers given to understand that the company is pleased to clients, interested in them, and communicate with the DVR begins this positive note. Quality standards imposed on a post of it's just one of many building blocks that make up a monolithic wall of a high quality of service in the "Register" necessary for any successful and dynamically developing enterprise. Returning to the prose of life, let's try to evaluate the role of service and quality of service in shaping the company's profit. How much does a poor-quality service for the head of the firm and its owners? According to statistics, only one in ten dissatisfied customer service is to complain to management. The remaining nine men, or hoard in the negative emotions and distribute anti-advertising and bad company, or go to competitors. Therefore, every manager should think about how rich his company and whether it can afford not to pay attention to quality customer service. In conclusion, it is worth noting that high quality customer service is not only a competitive advantage, but also brings together the collective based on the basic principle of the importance of corporate culture – the importance of the client. High quality service increases revenue and internal company resources at the expense of retaining old customers and arriving at their new recommendations. Increases customer loyalty and shifts the focus from the issue price of the issue trusting relationship. Vinokourov Vincent

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