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May '13

Don Corleone

All you need to do is be attentive to the discoveries of our baby and then walk with him are not only interesting but also very useful for the development of us adults. But all good things eventually end and this should apply to philosophically. Somehow, the child does not understand and may even begin capricious and stomping feet, when it comes to return home. Here's one way how to solve this situation: the hit of our trip had just come up from the south of the rooks. Approached the house I said emotionally charged son: "Now run and tell mom what we have seen crows!" A child with all legs ran home to share experiences with her mother. That a feminine wisdom gradually shifted the child's attention on something else, and without unnecessary stress helped dress him in a home. Comment: To resolve this problem, we used a combination of two techniques: switching attention and emotional infection.

The reason for difficulties with the return home was a strong interest of the child to walk. In accordance with rule (convert the underlying problem in the ability of its solutions), we use this sense, directing it to other objects. Reception "refocusing" is especially effective when interaction with children under 3 years. The secret is that in this age of rapidly developing involuntary and voluntary attention is formed. Flying Bike One spring evening, my son showed me his art away cycling. I am sincerely surprised his success and was generous in his praise.

It drags us both, but moved down overnight and dinner. To get to the garage was easy, but that's part with the bike is almost impossible. Looming prospect camping out in an embrace with your favorite technique. Not yet knowing why, I asked the son: "You want to see a flying bicycle?" His eyes lit up curiously. I'm like on a whim, grabbed the bike and started to wind it in air, performing aerobatics. All I do not remember, but a few dead loops and polubochek exactly were. "Forth to" flight plan of the world champion on piloting, the bike made a soft landing in the garage. Could safely return home and move to a hedgehog that had been cooked for dinner (not to be confused with hedgehogs their animal kingdom). Comment: The interest and enthusiasm in this case could dislodge, or rather switch to a only the thrilling action. "Flying Bicycle" was appropriate for this show. Hardly found a child who would have rejected the proposal to see it. This is one of those proposals that Don Corleone is referred to the category of "Their impossible to reject. " These are just a few examples of work with children's stubbornness. Notice of work rather than fight. Adults often contrasted with the adult child's stubbornness. Such tactics are usually not effective. Much productive use of those qualities that lie at the basis of stubbornness (the desire for independence and an emerging sense of adulthood), to children's stubbornness itself overcame. Good luck to you, and finds creative!

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