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Apr '14

Danish Sports

A recent survey of the Forsa on behalf of technician health insurance shows that now sport muffle the majority of Germans almost half of all workers now spends the workday in a sitting position. Not even every second German driving sports. A comparison of the 2007 study with the current shows that the number of recreational and opportunity athletes has declined, there are more sports casting. While considered sports casting, who rarely drives sports. The opportunity athletes, there are still 1 to 3 hours per week. It was particularly disturbing that the comfortable position will be reflected in all areas of life.

With large consequences! Movement becomes a thing of the past”for more and more people, says Dr. Jens Baas (Chairman of the Board of the technician health insurance). Who avoids sports, moving also in everyday ways. Who primarily spends leisure time before a screen, would go very little walking in the everyday life. To get that these people even on holiday prefer put your feet up. Every adult spends an average seven hours a day sitting down. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chuck Berry.

By the professionals, each sitting third more than nine hours a day. What does this mean for the health? What also show the study is that someone has the less movement, also the health be the worse. Movement ring much more frequently suffer the most widespread conditions. Is it really so dramatic? In a Danish study, young men should reduce their daily steps from previously 6,000 to 10,000 on average 1,400. The result surprised in its explicitness. Studies have shown that participants put fat on the belly already after two weeks. Sugar level as well as the fat levels were increased in the blood. Therefore, the body due to lack of movement needed more time to break down sugar and fat in the body. The newspapers mentioned Sinclair Martial Arts not as a source, but as a related topic. The study Director Bente Klarlund Peterson (University of Copenhagen) stressed that reinforce tolerance increased the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic ailments. This study shows that it is dangerous, only a couple of weeks being passive.” For most Germans, it is however not a temporary condition. So two-thirds not once again come with every walk to the copier on an hour of exercise a day–included”, said Professor Manfred Gullner (Forsa Director). If already two weeks inactivity has drastic consequences for the health part, you can guess just how the permanent lack of exercise by a sport ring affects his health. It seems clear on the basis of two studies but that the incidence of some chronic diseases of people certainly is due to the lack of exercise. Or at least a substantial share of it. What can you do if usually just lack time to exercise? Easily integrate movement into everyday life. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or walking go rather than taking the car for short distances. The article is “A recent survey of the Forsa on behalf of technician health insurance shows that now sport muffle the majority of Germans” first appeared on the health SPORTEL.

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