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Jan '19

Champions League

The President of the Barca recognizes that its relationship with Florentino is in stand-by. It ensures that there are still wounds heal. Argues that the poor relationship between fulfill them was because of an employee. Sandro Rosell has ensured that its relationship with Florentino Perez is in stand-by, because of the latest wars lived between the two big clubs in Spanish football. In statements to TV3, Rosell speaks clear in terms of who is the culprit, if Florentine or Mouirnho: the problem is the employee of the club (from Madrid), but then there is the Board, which has to put brake.

I always say that the role of a directive is not to say that yes but say that does not. Therefore, if the Madrid again to push the boundaries, we will break relations. There will be no meals of policies, clear, but the decision involves much more than that. It would be the first time that the two big clubs in the Spanish State does not have a meeting point. Accusations of doping that recognizes, one of those limits were the Madrid did, according to COPE: is not to not believe to Florentine when he called me to tell me that he was not behind that, but it would have been more credible that the Madrid had joined the lawsuit of the Barca against COPE. In addition, defends accusations of racism Busquets Marcelo: I’m sure that didn’t say what of monkey. I don’t know why it has reached the conclusion that told it this as repeated image view.

And if it had insulted Marcelo, we would have acted. About the white coach, says that, for him, it is not the best in the world: for me, Mourinho is the best coach in the world. They rewarded him in the Ballon d’Or gala simply because he had won the Champions League. Source of the news: Sandro Rosell: “If Busquets had insulted Marcelo, we would have acted”

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