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Jan '12


If you decide to glaze your balcony or loggia, it makes sense to them and warm. If we are to create an idyll in the balcony, so all the rules! Besides the cost of insulating materials is much less than the cost of glazing and finishing. Warming of balconies and loggias may be different. It all depends on the type of glazing. If you have decided to establish a "warm glass (KBE or SLIDORS), then the insulation should be thorough. To do this, apply insulation penofolom (4-10 mm), foam insulation (20 mm) or mineral wool URSA (50 mm).

Thus insulated sides of the balcony railings, floor, ceiling – all except the front wall of the house (wall between the apartment and balcony) – because it is through this wall of heat, Basically, and falls onto the balcony. Repair Repair of balcony terrace if the glazing system used aluminum Provedal, which is a system of "cold" glass, then do a thorough warming of balconies and loggias not sense. In this case the insulation is reduced to protect the parapet of the blow by setting a windproof fabric. Exterior decoration of loggias and balconies vinyl siding also serves as an additional warming. This does not affect their living space, which is "absorbed" at warming the inside of balconies and loggias (balconies photos).

Another way to reduce heat loss is the replacement of the glass paneling (as generally siding). However, this decreases the aperture of the light that is not always acceptable. Often our customers ask "how many degrees the temperature in the balcony will be different from the temperature in the street after the glazing and warming? ". The answer to this question is difficult. After all, the heat loss is affected by many factors. We list some of them: the wind rose; * floor * side of the world, which leaves the balcony * glazed balcony is adjacent neighbors, and the bottom top * material that built the wall; * thickness and chamber-glass * … heating, etc., etc. … Glazing and insulation in any case, make your balcony a warm and comfortable, but how, given these factors, you can not tell nobody. Given this specificity, we recommend you contact the company, which has much experience in this matter.

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