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Oct '19

Award-winning Baby Cutlery Toddler Now At Nicefive.de

The Danish baby cutlery toddler has already won a number of awards. Now, it is available in four different colors at nicefive.de. Flensburg 06.12.2010: The online shop nicefive.de has the multiple award-winning baby cutlery toddler in his range recorded. The colorful, by the Danish designer Josefine designed Bentzen, cutlery is perfectly suited for the first own eating attempts of infants aged six months and over. We have already introduced toddler in Germany and therefore are particularly pleased that we are represented at the launch of nicefive.de with the cutlery. (Similarly see: financial planner).

Toddler fits in the concept and design by nicefive. We are still never so comprehensively presented with a product in a shop like this”, comments Lars Forsberg, Managing Director of toddler production company of Fabrikators A/S. Nicefive is an online shop for design and lifestyle articles, which presents a range of five different products at the same time. Idea of the offer the customer is there, the products and their designers in product stories and designer profiles entertaining bring closer to. “Under the motto every product tells a story” nicefive trivia and curiosities in the editorial section of the shop, placed communicates the special features of product ideas to the media and offers the customer in addition to the product always also an occasion to talk about it with others. Toddler baby cutlery is in Denmark of already very popular with parents and children.

The bright colors attract the children. At the same time parents can watch reassured, learn how your kids with toddler food: the children’s cutlery is made from environmentally friendly and health-safe materials ABS and TPE. Also form and haptics are adapted to the specific needs of young children. Knife, fork and spoon can be particularly well to access and are designed so that no danger of injury through tips and edges. The designer Josefine Bentzen has worked since her graduation on the perfect designs. In collaboration with the ergonomics experts, engineers, and engineers of the Fabrikators Toddler 2009 gained maturity. Since it was already with the Formland design award 2009 and the red dot design award 2010. It is currently nominated in the Netherlands as a children’s product of the year. High time, that toddler in Germany is well known. The children’s cutlery is now available in four different colours in nicefive.de: raspberry red, light green, orange and blue. Toddler costs 29,90. Contact: Fabian Agel agency RoNNAU 24937 Flensburg T: 0461 Wrangelstrasse 10 430 77 00 M: Lars Forsberg Fabrikators A / S Tjornevej 18 2800 Lyngby T: + 45 3211 5678 M:

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