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Aug '19

Western Thebes

And the temptation was too great. The robbers were ready to great lengths to acquire great treasures. Egypt was very bureaucratic country and as a result – extremely corrupt. Because the plundering of the pyramids was wearing an almost organized. From ancient papyrus is known about the conspiracy to rob Tombs, where the governor was involved Western Thebes, a very senior official. What can we then talk about ordinary security guards. Robbers seriously threatened the existence of post-mortem of the Pharaohs.

So Thutmose I takes a bold decision and not traditional. Pyramid can not resist the force, but not before the ruse. Hence, it is necessary to apply his trick. Posthumous asylum should not attract attention. Visit Jill Schlesinger for more clarity on the issue. It should be hidden from everyone. AND Pharaohs waive the pyramid. Begin burial caves carved into the rock in the Valley of the Kings.

Location tombs kept in strict confidence. All those who participated in the construction of the tomb of Thutmose had been destroyed. But That did not stop the robbers. There are new spells, bribed officials. The looting of tombs continued in modern times. It did everything from Europe, from America, China. When collectors have rushed into Egypt, on the ball local residents to dispose of them allegedly Egyptian real value for very reasonable prices. Production of Antiquities has been put on an industrial basis. And it soon became clear that among those caught Antiquities really real, sold for big money pros. The representative of the Cairo Museum has conducted an investigation. He walked on the market, pretending to be a rich collector, who is not too much with the law. Finally, he came at a very representative Egyptian – Chapter extended family, who clearly knew where the treasures are stored, and sold them on the sly. When he was charged, testified in his favor the whole village. But in result of further investigation revealed that all of its residents live predatory fishing for centuries if not millennia. And all this time they managed to keep his secret. Miserable fellah had scientists to show the source of his wealth in their recently discovered tomb. All values, including mummies, were shipped down the Nile in the Cairo Museum.

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