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Jun '12

Third Age

Perhaps only the presence of some ' ' tipos' ' of cited users and low the determined frequency of use in hourly that these assaults facilitate. In relation to the security against accidents, we observe the fact of the good conservation of the space and the adequate choice of materials. The only item that really deserves attention is the Academy of the Third Age, that is not recommended for children? offering risks of accidents? would need some protection or monitoring so that such use was prevented. The square does not have protection against rain and has very little against insolation? only the trees and future, when the vegetation to grow. To the people to find that the protection is necessary for cause of the sun, and to deny the use of the space in rainy days. When being questioned on the spaces or desired equipment so that the quality of the square improved the interviewed ones, in many cases, they had given a reply more than.

the majority was private property, primando for perfecting the proper comfort in relation to the use of the square, as the improvement/magnifying of the ATI, the installation of bathrooms and water throughs, and the covering of the place of the ATI (allowing that the same one was used by drawn out periods more). More attractive spaces for children, better paisagismo, insertion of more trees are between many of the 0 variable not cited that would be necessary for the place. Some people had not known what to answer and only 10% she affirmed that the square does not need you are welcome to improve. Graph: ' ' spaces and equipment desejados' ' The Academy of the Third Age physical Structure Each unit of the ATI possesss ten devices. The Ziober ATI, company in the confection of the equipment, supplies modules with devices in individual, double or triple.

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