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Mar '22

The Toy Business

According to analysts, the Russian children will play with more than $ 400 million this year – is a potential capacity of the Russian toy market. Today the toy market and its development is determined by two important factors – the rapid development of electronics and changing demographics. Russia improves vital statistics seriously helps companies involved in production and sale of toys. In 2008, the birth rate in Russia grew by about 6 per cent, 100 thousand children more than in 2007. Such data has led President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of Council on priority national projects and demographic policy.

"Toy" Russia's market has great potential, – said General Director of "Nordplast" Konstantin Belousov. – At one time he started mainly with cheap Chinese products sold in open markets. Sean Rad can provide more clarity in the matter. " Today make "on children" – and rapidly growing business perspective. However, it should be noted that the leading position in the market belong to foreign producers. The share of domestic producers is estimated by experts at 10-20% Else – import. Its share is highest in the segment of designers (80%) and dolls (60%).

The financial crisis has not spared the market and children's goods, but for domestic producers, as well as producers from the CIS and Eastern Europe, it may be beneficial and lead to an increase in revenue, expand its customer base and increase turnover. Especially in view of the serious growth of the dollar and euro in Russia. Russian parents prefer classic, affordable and secure Russia's toys and toys from the CIS countries, and this must be taken into account. For producers, it's time to come to grips with marketing and pay more attention to the optimal advertising expenditure budget. An increasing number of transactions through the multi-electronic trading platforms (ETP). For example, in one of these sites registered about 120 toy manufacturers from Russia and Ukraine. "The market for toys now quite interesting for investors and new players. Financial advisors as a free market is valued and attractive, "- said General Director of the chain stores 'Lukomorye' Victoria Ponyatovskaya. read full article on the toy market and toys in bulk

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