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Feb '10

The issue of

The issue of business The business world has specific elements in that coaching is especially necessary. The basis of this phenomenon is the existence of a permanent conflict between the need for results in a very competitive world and the resources required to obtain such results, mainly knowledge, dedication and money. There is some pressure on employees, managers and entrepreneurs to devote increased resources to get the results, make decisions, change to innovate, and so on. And this is not convenient for human nature, which reacts with a variety of dysfunctions when it is involved in such environments.In this context the most advanced companies have begun to seek solutions to this phenomenon and there is unanimity that there must be ways to work more collaborative and participatory in which members of the business community usually analyzed in conjunction with external specialists (professionals in the coaching the company, business coaching, psychologists, etc.) the process of analysis of business situations, decision making, process improvement, involving all those responsible for decision making and implementation to improve their level of control over their environment , reduce stress, work better and more efficiently. But the process of improvement in the company by outside professionals is not only a relational or human task, practitioners must also have deep business knowledge to understand and direct the business and commercial real processes.A typical example is the factory that is poorly organized and there is a discrepancy between its components is not worth it to support only the workers, it is also necessary to take the necessary decisions to improve the basic processes and This energy release unproductive staff. In these circumstances it may be mentioned the use of external business coaches who use an integrated approach in which the coaching is the glue of the learning processes (improving skills) and consulting (analysis of reality and recommendations).

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