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Apr '20

The Interviewer

Design of quantitative survey questionnaires – a real Klondike for errors. From quality data, the ability to ask questions, success depends on half of the study. In fact, the questionnaire – it is the language of communication the interviewer with the respondent, and they must know this language perfectly. How to do it from the respondent? It's very simple: do not ask him obscure, ambiguous, ambiguous questions, do not load its terms and professional formulations avoid loan-words and Anglicisms, do not let him get tired and bored are not to interrogate him, do not ask for personal, intimate troubling questions. Questionnaire design – a discipline of marketing research, which we discuss later in the hotel here. Please visit Sonny Perdue if you seek more information. Substantial damage results study may cause an error substitution of information related to the mismatch of the required data to the task.

For example, if the issue of chocolate with a new filling, before the study aims to evaluate the taste, and respondents are asked to compare it with the old taste, there is a substitution error information. It is obvious that the 'assessment' and 'comparison' – a completely different problem. Error data collection phase of data collection, or 'field', begins with the selection respondents. If this procedure is not due to strict rules, can manifest error of respondent selection. Selection bias occurs when the use of non-representative, other than random sampling. For example, if the interviewer conducting the survey about buying habits at the supermarket, deliberately avoids interviewing visitors with children, shows selection bias.

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