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Aug '08

The Democratic nominee for President

WASHINGTON .- Senator Barack Obama has entered the annals of history by making sure the Democratic presidential nomination and become the first black to compete in a general election by the White House.

“Tonight I stand before you and tell you that I will be the Democrat candidate for president of USA,” the senator said during a speech at St.Paul (Minnesota), the city where Republicans held their rivals the convention in September.

During his speech, conciliatory tone, had kind words for his rival, Hillary Clinton, “a leader who inspired millions of Americans for his fortitude and courage” and urged Democrats to channel the unit to U.S. for a new path.

Dubbed by some as “the great white hope”, embody the dream of reconciliation in a country with deep racial divisions, Obama won relevance in the political landscape during the U.S. Democratic Party national convention in Boston in 2004.

It was there that delivered the programmatic speech in which he urged close the open racial wounds in the country. “There is no U.S. white and one black U.S., but the United States of americas,” he said then.

In addition to unifying and conciliatory, his was also a message of hope, ingredients that permeate his unmistakable rhetoric since then.

Their hope, as he himself proclaims, “is that of slaves singing songs of freedom from the fire, the undertaking of immigrants bound for distant shores” and, of course, that of Barack, “a child delgaducho” father black and white mother hoped that the U.S. also had a place for him.

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