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Oct '19

Special Arrangements For Bangkok

The Asia travel specialist Asiamar by ID travel world offers all its guests, travelers stay in Bangkok of the Asia travel specialist Asiamar by ID travel world offers all guests who have booked a trip with a stay in Bangkok during the travel period to 09.02.2014, a goodwill arrangement for transfers this stays. After that, all hotels and other services booked with the tour operator in Bangkok without cancellation fees can be rebooked. Die Umbuchungen konnen in folgende Regionen erfolgen: a) Kanchanaburi Region b) Khao Yai Nationalpark c) Sukhothai d) Chiang Mai e) Chiang Rai f) Isaan Region – eventuelle Mehrkosten fur zusatzliche Transfers oder hohere Hotelkosten sind von dem Reisenden in vollem Umfang zu tragen – pro Umbuchung wird eine einmalige Aufwandsentschadigung von EUR 30,- erhoben – die Umbuchung ist nur bei Verfugbarkeit moglich Der Reiseveranstalter Asiamar by ID Reisewelt mochte damit eventuellen Sorgen und Fragen seiner Gaste zuvorkommen, by the imposition of exceptional law in Bangkok and a resulting General Uncertainty could be caused. Interested guests can consult at any time at your travel agent or directly to the tour operator. Click Costco to learn more. The scheme applies only to guests who are not yet departed from Germany.

Guests on the spot are cared for separately by the local offices. A free rebooking or cancellation of travel to Bangkok and Thailand not entitled to continue. Thus divides Asiamar by ID travel world the assessment of the Foreign Ministry, which has again edited his warning on the 22.01.2014.. Official site: Harold Ford Jr.

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