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Mar '19

Possible Exodus

Harald Kaup, author in Oberhausen, Noel-Verlag seeks in the first volume of his series of science fiction novels a possible answer to the question what if the Earth uninhabitable would. The exodus novel takes place in a not-too-distant future, the time of our great great-grandson. But what if the Earth of the year 2120 is no longer worth living? Harald Kaup plays with scenarios, the beginning of which already exist. Environmental degradation, climate change and weather-related catastrophes continues push the people to new worlds. Class M planet, a dream Word from the popular science fiction literature, is the target of a ragtag crew.

“People with a longing for life and all their personal quirks have the job, their 3,000-metre-long ship from the orbit of Mars continued and the acclaimed class M planet towards control. Humanity plans to this planet, if it is him, to settle. Before it however may be the better new beginning for humanity, an incredible Odyssey is the few people on board. As once the so, by unknown territory maneuver Sung sailors, fictitious, technical and human. Because future concerns us all: science fiction for the young and young at heart is the awakening of the crew in 2120 on the new country “actually impossible due to catastrophic technical and human conditions.

The responsibility for 50,000 sleeping settlers comes to all the difficulties. First Commander Space Force Thomas Raven makes the odds, the departure, but initially not finding the desired class M planet. Instead, the ship in the vastness of the cosmos is lost. Superior opponents threaten flight and crew. Only new alliances to oppose meaningful strength such superiority. During all confrontations the main objective remains the new home, somewhere out there. Harald Kaup dispensed with extravagant technical descriptions. Yet, because it seems the genre before, care “he lovingly to the necessary features and bug fixes.

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