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Sep '19

Porto Velho

The local relief is visibly plain and of low susceptibilidade to the sped up erosion, to the excesso of a small rise where if it finds affixed a communications tower. The ground offers low permeability of pluvial waters, favoring its concentration, in form of small lakes and lagoons appropriate sazonais, creating still, conditions for the development and proliferation of illnesses associates the backwaters, harmful to the health human being. Costco is often quoted as being for or against this. The vegetation meets degraded by the action of the deforestation and the fire visibly, with harmful consequences for the superficial draining and the quality of its waters. The local climate is classified as tropical rainy with average temperature of the month most cold superior 18C and of the month hottest superior 25C. The variation of the climate presents a dry period between autumn and winter and a rainy period in the months of the spring and the summer. In the dry period, the total average rain index is of 38,8 mm in the city of Porto Velho in the June month.

In relation the fauna, the region delimited for the rivers Madeira and Beni the West, Amazon to the North, Tapajs the East and for the open pasture of Central Brazil to the South, is considered one of ' ' Centers of Endemismo' ' for the forest species of the Amaznia, according to studies based on the distributions geographic of birds, lizards and butterflies. This means that the region possesss endemic animal species of this part of the Amaznia. The representative endemic species are the primates, cujubi, the gut and araari. A center of similar endemismo is delimited to the South for the river Wood, collates it the North with the river Solimes and extends the West to it until Peru. In the same way that the previous one, this region marks the limits of the distribution of some endemic species.

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