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Dec '09

Place Names

Hello, to avoid problems with the enforcement of names, simply commenting that I have acquired Celdran’s dictionary (Dictionary of Spanish place names and their gentile), and given that Rupert is not very active lately, you can see me using page User: Ecemaml / Place Names (be a few days anyway because I have not yet reached the book, but you can go letting your doubts, if tuvierais). Greetings, Ecemaml (Talk) 22:30, 25 March 2008 (UTC) I thought that after the removal of Manuel Trujillo Berges Rupert would only .. I see no. For those who want to see a name of the province of Barcelona as the dictionary of Celdr n are here: Username: Rupert Hentzau / List of municipalities in Barcelona, does not report the adjective or the page, but is great for place names.Xavigivax – (Talk to me) 15:29, 27 March 2008 (UTC) I know the book rather than Celdran that list of Rupert and some references to it in the talk pages of several articles, but I would say that this small sample its content does not inspire much confidence in its value as a reliable source. Although in most cases that collects names correspond to the spellings that were official and general use during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to change place names that occurred in Spain in the 80s and 90s, there are also many that are difficult to justify and have not been able to find anywhere else. An example is “Sarda ola del Valle, a town whose official name now is” Cerdanyola del Vall s “and whose official name until the 80 was simply” Sardanyola.In the monumental Enciclopedia Espasa early twentieth century mentions three alternative names for this town, none of which is “Sarda ola del Vall s, so I have not managed to find in any printed source. The spelling chosen by Celdr n seems a hybrid between “Sardanyola” traditional and added pompeufabrista “Del Valle”. Another similar case found in the list compiled by Rupert is “Penedes Avinyonet” which has kept the Catalan spelling (and traditional) of the name but he added that tagline “Penedes, clearly borrowed from the current official form as the traditional Castilian spelling is not “Penedes,” but “Panad s” which does follow Celdr n well in the case of “Villafranca del Pened s.Another example in which the book seems to incur ultracorrecciones Celdr n affects toponyms with tx as Felanitx Mallorca, Marratx , Andra (i) tx and Fornalutx which apparently appear in the work of Celdr n with ch, spelling without tradition, as the tx of these names have been used since ancient times (they have nothing to do with Basque normalizations like “Getxo”>> “Getxo” which itself is of recent coinage). Along with these probable ultracorrecciones and hybrid forms are also present in the official names names for which it has been a traditional Castilian spelling, as in the case of Vacarisses, which is used to write “Vacarisas” and surprisingly Celdr n collected in the form Catalan. It also shows a certain chaos in the treatment of “ch” prenormative late Catalan, who have lost the h silent in the Catalan current.Celdran takes the old official name “Bruch” by the current “The Bruce”, and let Pachs with “ch” (although this also applies pompeufabrista name “del Pened s), while Montcada i Reixac appears in the form Catalan modern rather than traditional “Moncada and Reixach. Anyway, I just want to note with these examples is my deep skepticism about the severity of this dictionary of place names. I repeat that I have the book in my hands, so I do not know what da Pancrazio Celdr n explanations on the methodology for compilation of names and what sources brings. It is also possible that some of these inconsistencies are transcription errors in the list of Rupert (although I’d be surprised, given the thoroughness that characterized that user, who both missed last week). In any case, I believe that the reliability of this book is limited and when to apply the current policy of names should be used with extreme caution.Gelo (Talk) 23:19, 27 March 2008 (UTC) Not if you know it, but Rupert has not “dead” and is still among us. Xavigivax – (Talk to me) 11:13, 28 March 2008 (UTC) Still alive, yes, though I’m a little dizzy. ) Gelo: you’re absolutely right. The book includes placenames Celdr n rather questionable, and sometimes his approach is somewhat erratic. But even with few or many arbitrary, served us at the time, and continues to serve, I think, to avoid (or mitigate at least) the many Byzantine issues that arise all the time about this issue, and that makes us so long lose.

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