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Jul '09

Origin of political parties

There have always been groups that differ on clinton the model of iraq living together and competing with each other, but the political party organization George bush and specific functions emerge in economic the mid-nineteenth century as a result of democratic and representative of the expansion of suffrage. From an institutional approach Maurice Duverger difference:
Establishment of internal matches: born media in the Parliament. It was originally presented as factions will vie for the power, eg. the Tories (Conservatives) and the Whigs (Liberals) in England. Had a negative connotation, it is believed that they acted to the detriment of the common good to pursue selfish interests. But over time it becomes evident the impossibility of maintaining a direct relationship between people and their representatives. To respond to new social demands requires greater organization. Move from cnn one scene to another inorganic increasingly organic.
External parties of creation: they arise from the struggle for the congress extension of political rights in united states the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Are strongly associated with groups culture that conduct their activities outside Parliament, such as trade unions, religious bodies and journals. Eg. the British Labor Party.
However from a sociological or genetic gain issues some bush important structural social divisions that occurred during the process of formation of national states and political the modern economy. Highlighted military within this current Seymour Lipset and Stein Rokkan, who developed the theory of historical education cleavage. They relate to four major cracks:
Conflict between central and policy peripheral populations are resistant to various impositions Linguistic, religious or political beliefs of the great colonial powers. Emergence of regional parties who claim the cultural identity of certain groups.
Problems in the church and state are disputing control of race the religion education and management of social demands. Formation of religious and laity.
Differences between rural and urban government areas: urban and agrarian parties emerged.
Tensions between capital and labor: the defense of property and free enterprise are faced with the demands of the unions. vote Born socialist parties and labor movements. It reinforces the distinction between right and left.

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