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Aug '12

Observation Towers In Dresden

The Saxon capital Dresden is always worth a holiday! As a visitor to a lot of cultural impressions by offering a variety of places, monuments and museums. As accommodation is recommended in the north-to-find Dresdner Pension Dresden. Just as interesting as galleries and museums, the observation towers which are the capital has to offer. So you can always keep track and you are also still a wonderful view over the city. When views are significant enumerate the castle, the wife of churches, Churches of the cross, the Epiphany Church and the town hall tower.

Castle Tower, is 100m high and the highest of the historic towers of Dresden. The Royal Palace including the tower. Climbing towers from April to October every Tuesday to Sunday from 10-18 Clock. The tower measures a height of 91m. The viewing platform located in Dresden. The rebuilt Mrs. Church was on 30 October 2005 60 years after its destruction consecrated. The tower of the Church of the Cross has a height of 92m and is located next to City Hall and the “Old Market Gallery.

After the fire of 1897 the church was rebuilt in 1900. The tower height is 87.5 m. The Epiphany Church The Epiphany Church is located on the main road at the Albert Square. The tower is 98m with the second highest tower in Dresden. Being located on your right into town, he has overlooked place. The gilded tower figure “town hall man” with a cornucopia altitude of 4.90 meters. For a delicious and invigorating food, in one of the many restaurants of Dresden end well before returning the tram goes to the hostel at night, the Hotel Dresden.

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