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May '16

Light Lighting

In addition, here you will be able to adjust clothing and footwear before leaving, so apart from the top of the light source you need to install additional lighting points. In the living room background lighting can be created using unusual and interesting chandeliers and lighting fixtures installed together in a false ceiling. In the functional areas of the room where the chairs and sofas, you can put a wall lamp or floor lamp set, which perfectly fit the interior and to highlight the overall design concept of the room. To create the same intimate atmosphere suitable dim wall sconces. If the room is impressive niche in which there are books, paintings or expensive dishes, they can illuminate the ceiling projector type lamps. The level of lighting in the bedroom to beat is much lower than in other rooms, it is best if the light is scattered or mostly scattered.

Mirrors, dressers and closets for clothes are functional areas and require intensive light, which can be easily accomplished through an integrated spotlights. In the role of local luminaries can act sconces and table lamps with a shade on the side tables. There should be a warm atmosphere in which you want to dream and relax. Achieve this effect by using the ceiling lights in the shape of hemispheres and balls made of cloth or matte. Today is also a very fashionable to install hidden (built-in rails, beds, baseboards, cabinets) the sources of the scattering of light. For a child's room need a bright light, here you child will do homework, read books, have fun and play with toys.

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