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May '16

Job Search

Search for jobs online – safety first! Before using this or any other site to find work, find contact information. If instead of the name, address, telephone number or email listed companies only form to fill with the possibility of communication with the company, you should think about the legitimacy of the site. There are web resources that are covered only data on job vacancies, and in fact attacked by trojans or spamming. “Yes” or “No” to sign up? Be careful with those sites that require registration to view vacancies. If the proposed registration before the site search – do not waste your time. There are plenty of other search engines available without registration. For example, a site search for a suitable job offers free access to thousands of vacancies across Russia. However, if you do decide to registration, check the privacy policy, in its absence, be careful – the fraudsters can use the email for spam.

“Paid” or “Free”? Foolish to ask the applicant if he was ready to pay for information on availability of vacancies available. A definite answer! I am sure that they are willing to pay very large companies that rely on recruitment agencies search for a suitable candidate is perfect. Ease of Use Convenience and ease of use of the search – here are your main criteria for choosing a site to search for work. It should allow to easily find the information you need with the ability to sort the data by region, type of work or type of employment. Typically, the level of wages by the employer omitted or overstated / understated, which is significantly different from the real, so many search engines do not provide this sort. Always Use a different resource, no matter how “popular” or “promoted” it is. If it is not suitable for a reason – look for something that will perfectly meet your needs of the applicant.

Websites filled with ad units and “Pestryaev” pictures seriously loaded traffic and page load time. Choose a site without advertising or with the minimum of its existence, which makes it much faster to get the desired result in finding a job. Should the way the service works search results? If your search request is for Moscow or Vladivostok, the results you should see only those regions. Some additional resources provide information on vacancies in the approximate region, which is rarely a welcome addition. Therefore, the choice is personal and may only recommend a particular web project. The completion of an important job important frequency upload vacancies. Keep in mind that smaller sites are not able to fully replenish its base. They may contain very old and already obsolete jobs. Only major projects have the opportunity every day to replenish their bases. For example, a daily updated site “fresh” vacancies all over Russia. Also has the ability to search for USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Ireland, Asia, South Africa and Ukraine.

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