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Jul '12

Jiu-Jitsu: To Succumb To Defeat

"Flexible willow" The term 'jujitsu (jujutsu) appeared in Japan in the xvi century as a general name for all types of martial arts without weapons and so-called improvised weapons. It consists of two words. The word "ju" means "soft, flexible, yielding, compliant, "and" jutsu "is translated as" technique, a way ". So, Jiu-Jitsu – is "soft, pliable machinery. It is not about exchanging gentle caresses. Techniques of jiu-jitsu can seem anything but not soft or tender. This concept is metaphorical.

It should be understood so that the master of jiu-jitsu gives the onslaught of the enemy until, until he turns into a trap, and then draws the enemy's actions against him. Explaining the fundamental principle of Jiu-Jitsu – "surrender to win, coaches resort to expressions such as" twig is bent under the weight of the snow as long as it does not reset "and" flexible willow straightens after the storm, and the mighty oak is defeated. " Gradually adding details of Jiu-Jitsu and other martial styles involved for similar reasons. However, jiu-jitsu has its own characteristic distinguishing features. As in other martial arts training in this style bring proper physical benefit.

They strengthen the legs, torso, arms and stamina. But unlike the more strength training karate and judo, jiu-jitsu in it is somewhat different. Jiu-Jitsu Classes usually carried out in a slow, controlled pace. Skill built up a long and careful repetition of precise movements, polished over the years and not fast motion or complex physical training. In Traffic wizard, you will not see the tension.

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